How does it work?

If used regularly, SustaFix can:

  • Help to remedy joint pain*
  • Help to reduce inflammation in swollen joints*
  • Help to strengthen your joints and ligaments*
  • Help to decrease the deposition of salts around the joint areas*
  • Help to restore your connective tissues to their normal state*
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What is it:

SustaFix is an ortho cream composed of 100% all natural ingredients. The product helps with joint pain & swelling by strengthening your joints and ligaments. For external use only.


  • Propolis extract

  • Cedar sap

  • Bee venom

  • Olive oil

  • Horse chestnut extract

  • Wax moth extract

Propolis extract

Relieves swelling and pain, possesses strong veinotonic effect, and helps dissolve blood clots. Helps actively heal tissues, activates metabolic processes*

Cedar sap

Increases circulation in blood vessels, relieves inflammation, increases blood flow, helps remove blood clots. Heals and strengthens joints in the cases of arthritis and arthrosis*

Bee venom

Improves microcirculation of blood, and relieves muscle spasms*

Olive oil

Natural medicine, which stimulates circulation and absorbs well*

Horse chestnut extract

Stimulates anti-clotting activity of blood serum, increases antithrombin production, stimulates filling of veins, especially if they have pathological changes, lowers blood viscosity, possesses anti-inflammatory action*

Wax moth extract

Tones the muscle wall of veins surrounding joints, making it firm and elastic, and helps speed up metabolism*

Way of use:

1. Take a small amount of the cream and massage it onto the affected area.
2. Let the product be fully absorbed.
3. Repeat daily